Duane Lakin

About Author

Mission: To make a difference in my clients' businesses
Research tells us that 30-40% of senior-level hires fail in the first 18 months. I help reduce this statistic and other surprises in hiring and promotions by providing an in-depth look at the strengths and weaknesses of individuals before you make a decision (hire/promote). Useful in hiring, leadership development, and succession management. I also coach individuals and teams to improve their effectiveness, including coaching new hires.

1. I speak "business", not "psychology."
2. I partner with your process rather than compete with it. (I explore but do not "parrot" your initial observations of a candidate to make the interview more effective.)
3. I work with your interview schedule to minimize travel time and schedule conflicts.
4. My process ensures a positive image for your company by creating a positive, non-threatening experience for candidates.

Typical trigger points for a service request:
• A CEO is frustrated that recent new hires did not work out
• Recognition that more objectivity is needed in the hiring process
• A desire for a third-party to look at individuals within an existing business unit to help
with development planning
• A problem manager needs to be assessed to determine if he/she is worth the effort to
develop (and if “fixing” is even possible)
• A new company has been acquired and senior management wants an assessment of the
talent acquired in the process
• A team is not working well and intervention is needed

I also train sales professionals how to use NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming)skills to sell to the unconscious...to create trust, understanding, and action. No other sales training provides such skills. The Unfair Advantage gives sellers an advantage in all aspects of selling including face-to-face contacts, calling on the phone, email, direct mail, web content, and telemarketing scripts