Jorden Roper

About Author

At the start of 2015, my life looked a LOT different than it does today.

I wasn’t self-employed.

In fact, I hated my 9-to-5 job so much that I started to have health problems (including a ridiculous eye twitch that made me look like I was eating something sour every five seconds. cute.).

Every day, I DREADED the moment I had to walk in the door at work.

But then I discovered that freelance writing was a possibility.

I quickly became obsessed with making it happen.

I started planning to quit my full-time job.

But before I could quit my job, I was fired. It happened in April of 2015.

And my fiancee’s contract at his job ended on the same day.

So, out of nowhere, neither of us had a source of income.

Not gonna lie — it was fucking scary. And stressful.

But I knew I couldn’t let myself sulk. I had to use that time as an opportunity to get my ass in gear and create my dream career.

So, I started working 12-hour days building my freelance writing website, learning how to pitch clients, and figuring out how to market myself in a way that would attract high-paying clients.

And by August of 2015, I was making over $5,000 per month – JUST from freelance writing and blogging.


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