Regulations Posted Product

I. General rules.

1. Ebook, course not allowed to sell:

Users are entitled to post products to the GiO Wiki for business purposes. However, users are prohibited from posting products with the following content:

-  Reactionary, sabotage, anti-religion, obscene, violence, going against the fine customs .

-  Post trash information, disrupt or discredit the services provided by GiO Wiki;

-  Offending others in any form

-  Disseminating information that is prohibited by law, such as: using heroin, ecstasy, homicide, instructing to make weapons, ...

-  Depraved cultural products, ...

2. The behavior is not implemented

-  Posted selling product repetitive (spam) in the same category or different categories.

-  Change the content posted to cheating reviews

II. Guide Published sell products

Title, image, price, product description and related information must be consistent, correct spelling, regulations on posting of GiO Wiki. Specifically as follows:

1. Product images