Courtney Armstrong

About Author

Courtney Armstrong, LPC, MHSP, is the author of The Therapeutic “Aha!” (2015) and Transforming Traumatic Grief (2011). She is the director of Tamarisk: A Center for Mind-Body Therapy in Chattanooga, Tennessee. In her 20 years of practice as a licensed professional counselor and grief and trauma specialist, she has helped thousands of clients recover from trauma, reclaim resilience, and experience deep personal transformation.

An affiliate member of the Social and Affective Neuroscience Society, Courtney has a passion for investigating the neurobiology of trauma, attachment, and healing processes and translating research into practical applications therapists can use to get better results for their clients. Courtney has trained thousands of mental health professionals nationally and internationally - combining science with humor, film clips, live demonstrations, and experiential activities so participants enjoy themselves and leave with new tools they can use right away.

She has contributed to publications such as the Psychotherapy NetworkerThe Neuropsychotherapist, and Counseling Today. She has appeared as a guest expert on CBS Radio News, NPR affiliates, Shrinkrap Radio, and podcasts in Europe, Canada, and Australia.