Alex Lytvynchuk

About Author

Let me humbly introduce myself, my name is Alex Lytvynchuk and I'm kind of like that epic bodybuilder from Austria when it comes to pushing my life to the limits. At the age of 23 I moved to the United States, totally broke, having $300 at my pocket and barely speaking English. My first year in the US I worked 3 jobs as a server, buss boy and cleaning restrooms in the gyms just to get by and pay my bills.

Next year I discovered online marketing through one of the youtube ads I decided to give it a try by purchasing a course... and guess what? Within the next eight months I've made over $90,000+ and in the following year I've built and scaled my social media marketing agency to over $30.000/mo.

The key to my success was focusing on the one specific badass nichewhich is a car dealership niche. It's one of the least saturated and easily scalable niches.

But enough about me, let's talk about YOU.

This course is designed to help take a newbie business virgin and turn them into an elite agency owner in record time. Or someone who owns an agency and wants to scale it over 6-7 figures...

Enroll Today and I Look forward to Seeing You Inside