Virginia Rounds Griffiths

About Author

I have been blessed throughout my life starting with a Near Death Experience from the age of 7 years to my present timeline working with Happivize. I had a deep and desperate searching and longing within me for something that I could not put my finger on and that lasted through till my late 30’s/40’s which was when I embarked on my spiritual journey.

My work as a healer/coach is as necessary to me as breathing air. I feel so totally connected to Source energy and love what I do in conjunction with my Spiritual TEAM of various Ascended Masters and Archangels and of course through God/Source and Mother Earth. A lot of my healing is intuitive and can come to me in the moment. It could take the form of visions/channelling/new procedures which I have never done before.

I call my version of healing Triple Heart Transformation. That umbrella encompasses the following and more.

As a Past, Present & Future Life Coach, working with me may help you find clarity and resolution in areas that maybe challenging you, including your career, finances, relationships, a new home or business, or decisions you need to make about your future

As a Medical Intuitive I scan your body and clear any negative imbalances that are detected to bring harmony, balance, and wellbeing back into your life

As an Energy Alchemist I clear and remove negative energies from your body. I also work to clear houses, land, and buildings of negative energy, geopathic and technopathic stress. Leaving your environment cleaner, happier and healthier.

I also love to travel and explore historical houses and castles and if ‘permitted’, I clear them so the energies are transformed and transmuted to Source for their ongoing soul journeys – it is such fun.