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Rayan Slim


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Hi! I'm Rayan, a full time software developer based in Ottawa, Canada.

I first ventured into development when working on a start-up. Since then, I've built countless web and mobile applications as a freelance developer, meanwhile expanding my repertoire and exploring new avenues in Deep Learning & Data Analytics.

In my free time, I love to teach!

Jad Slim


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Jad studied mechanical engineering at the University of Ottawa. Jad also has experience in software development, machine learning, computer vision, mathematical modeling, computer simulation, and intelligent systems. He has also developed many deep learning applications, and is currently pursuing an interest in autonomous machines and Full Stack Development.

Amer Sharaf


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   Hi I'm Amer. I'm a full-time developer with a specialized interest in Artificial intelligence (AI).  AI is now taking on more sophisticated roles that can truly amplify human capabilities.

   With a background in Mechanical Engineering and computer science I have always looked for ways to use the power of AI to create practical solutions that revolutionize the way we live.

I aim to make artificial intelligence more accessible to all students, no matter the skill level! 

Sarmad Tanveer

Data Scientist

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Hi! I'm Sarmad, and I have graduate level expertise in Mechanical Engineering. My main areas of interest and research include autonomous robotics, self driving car technology and machine learning.

In my spare time, I enjoy teaching courses on Udemy and sharing my knowledge with all of you!