Jeanine Blackwell

About Author

Hi, I’m Jeanine Blackwell.

My “feel good,” “this is me in my zone” type of work is noticing what makes people great at something. My zone of genius is helping others leverage their genius to create the results they imagine – in business and in life.

In the first year of launching my business, I started with ONE course and generated multiple six figures of income with that course.

I have worked with some of the most recognized brands and thought leaders in the world showing them how to create courses that get results. And, I've worked with thousands of experts like you to create and launch their courses in our Create 6-Figure Courses community.

I have a tendency to approach everything from a reverse engineer mindset – a “work backwards from what you want to create” mentality.  I watch, I ask a lot of questions and I look for patterns (funny how the curse of being a shy and awkward kid can turn into a strength later in life).

I have experienced courses, (some good and a lot of them not-so-good), interviewed the creators of courses generating 6 –figure+ revenue, created 6- and 7-figure courses myself, helped thousands of experts like you, and in the process identified the universal pattern of success.


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