Amon and Christina

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We’re a family of four from the San Francisco Bay Area. We were federal government employees until, one day, we both quit our jobs!

‍That’s right! In August 2019, we quit our jobs and RETIRED at the age of 39.  

‍Sounds unbelievable - for parents with two young kids to be able to retire at 39, right?  Well, for us - retiring before 40 took a lot of planning and intentional decision making.  And it all began eight years ago (in 2011), when we embraced the FIRE (financial independence, retire early) movement.

In pursuing FIRE, we constantly thought of creative ways to make and save extra money to invest.  And after eight years of smart, consistent, and (frankly) boring investments - we grew our stock market portfolio to an amount that allowed us to quit our jobs without ever having to work again.  

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