Alex Uanvilay

About Author

I got an associate degree in Computer Security from Community College of Baltimore County, MD, USA. Also, I have a bachelor degree in Computer Science, programming, from National University of Laos. I am used to run an eCommerce website, when I was in Lao. Then, I have 2 years experience working as PHP developers for Skymediator. Currently, I decided to be a freelance programmer, and found my website, Devtamin.

The reason that I make udemy courses is due to the fact that I want to share my experience and my knowledge to people who are interested in programming but do not know where they should start. There are many courses online or face-to-face, but the courses are basic, useless and ineffective. Therefore, I decided to create courses that shares what I have done as I was programmer to all of you. My course will focus on a real world project. When you finish any one of my courses, you will able to develop a real application.