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Over 50 combined years of Aviation Industry aftermarket experience in Operations, Quality Management Systems and Aircraft Part Sales.

After working for several major Aerospace Corporations, holding numerous titles in the areas of Operations/Quality/Supply Chain and Sales within the Aerospace/Aviation aftermarket It was time start something new. It was time to start Airplane Media LLC, an Aircraft Parts and Quality Management Systems Consulting firm.

The Airplane Media team always had theĀ entrepreneurial spirit running through their veins. While working for major Aviation/Aerospace Corporations throughout their years they were constantly coming up with creative ideas to maximize aircraft part sales and profit. Coupled with their strong background in Operations and Quality Assurance on the Aftermarket / FAA Part 145 side of the business the owners saw major potential providing support services to the aviation Industry, and any like minded entrepreneurs that wanted to learn how to make money in this massive Industry!

The itch and need to give back, and to help others was burning inside. Our company practices "Servant Leadership" so we needed to give back more. Being able to Teach, Mentor and Coach others that want to learn about this industry and business is where we needed to be.

"Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; TEACH a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime"

After almost a year in the lab, working countless hours behind the scenes, the Airplane Media team, created a Master Class that truly Teaches the fundamentals, and step-by-step instructions for anyone with an entrepreneurial spirit, no matter what industry you come from on "How To Buy And Sell Aircraft Parts For A Living". Whatever your goals are, However big or small your financial goals are, this class can truly help you get there.

We are truly excited to learn more about each and everyone of our students on a personal level. Lets Go!!!!!!

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